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Power Drive Controls (pdcontrol) was founded in 2002, designing

and manufacturing reliable compact SCR (Silicon Control Rectifier) firing / triggering

circuit boards and other power driver devices.


The SCR controller boards are used for high power battery chargers and

other control system applications to simplify the designs and manufacturing.





SCR Controllers Brief Datasheet Full Datasheet

3 Phase SCR Controller

Model FC6 Typical Connection Diagrams


Image result for 电池充电桩




3 Phase SCR Pulse Generator Board PG6 is the low cost, compact SCR triggering circuit board

Model PG6 with the same functions as FC6 board except output pulse

transformers that allow users to use their own designs.



PG6-2PG6 & EB6

PG6 + FCP6 PG6 + EB6


6 Pulse Transformer Board FCP6 is the 6 pulse transformer board as an interface

Model FCP6 between SCRs and pulse generator circuits, usually, works with

FC6 board for 12 pulse SCR applications, or works with PG6 to

provide the isolated connections between SCRs and the

pulse generator circuits





FC6 + FCP6 PG6 + FCP6



6 Pulse Transformer Board EB6 is the motherboard to mount PG6 board, with 6 pulse transformers,

Model EB6 on board power transformer and plug-in connectors.

EB6PG6 & EB6

EB6 PG6 + EB6



PID Regulation Board (Isolated) RB-ISO board is a PID control board, for 3 phase SCR FC6 Controller

Board, it has an isolation amplifier to connect input voltage or current

Model RB-ISO feedback signal to the PID circuits to control constant current or voltage

of SCR output.



RB-ISO Board Connected to DC6 Board




PID Regulation Board (Non Isolated) 3PR board is a non-isolated 2 PID regulation circuits board for SCR FC6

Controller Board to connect SCR voltage and current signals to control

Model 3PR constant voltage or current of SCR output.



3PR Board Connected to FC6 Board






Single Phase SCR Controller Brief Datasheet

Model FC4

Full Datasheet

Connection Diagram


Large Picture


Testers Generate 3 phase half square wave signals to simulate

3 Phase Generator 3 phase main AC sinewave powers, to test and troubleshooting

for FC6 and PG6 boards.



50 Hz, 60 Hz 50 Hz, 60 Hz, 400 Hz

Or 30 80 Hz adjustable Or 40 1.3 KHz adjustable

Datasheet Connection Diagram


Customized Drive Products



1.    Laser Driver PCB Designs

2.    Home Security PCB Designs

3.    Internet Communication PCB Designs


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